Modern Design blends in with your environment

Built with an eye to contemporary styling, Securifort-Gardex products feature modern design and handsome lines that harmonize with any office or home environment. Their convenient interior design allows for the easy filing of all kinds of documents.

Safes for absolute security.

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Securifort and Gardex safes will keep your documents intact for one full hour despite exterior temperatures as high as 927°C (1700°F).

Fireproof file cabinets.

Gardex fireproof file cabinets provide the ideal protection for all your documents. Our UL Listed file cabinets have been tested in ambient temperatures reaching 927°C (1700°F) for a full one-hour period.

Double Warranty

All Securifort-Gardex products carry a one year manufacturers warranty that covers all parts and labor. Fireproof products come with an additional 12 year after-fire warranty that covers you up to the replacement of the unit.

Securifort and Gardex Safes

All Securifort and Gardex safes boast two vertical and three horizontal solid-steel, chrome-plated active bolts, three dead bolts, and reinforcements on those bolt cups to resist tool attacks. Lock areas include reinforcement to resist drilling and a relocking device for added protection, while heavy-duty door hinges resist external attacks.

Gardex Fireproof File Cabinets

Gardex fireproof file cabinets provide the very highest level of protection from fires, impact damage, theft and even explosions. We offer a full line of file cabinets to fit every filing requirement, every space constraint, and every budget. We’ve worked tirelessly for over half a century to develop the absolute best records protection available on the market.

Custom Modular Vaults

Securifort-Gardex offers modular vaults, in virtually any size and configuration. Each vault is custom designed per application to maximize space and overall efficiency. All of our security structures, safe rooms, ballistic protection systems and vaults are designed and engineered to meet or exceed the industry standards and will provide excellent protection against hostile entry and fire.

Each modular panel consists of high strength concrete and rebar set in a five-sided thick gauge steel frame that is manufactured with exacting standards producing a panel system that is easily installed and ready for applied finishes. You can select either the traditional welded design approach, or our exclusive bolt together design. Unlike other manufacturers’ traditional welded design approach, our bolt together design is “green” – it is carbon neutral. There are no emissions during installation as will occur in a conventional welded panel vault design. Our bolt together design also makes future expansion and/or removal fundamentally cleaner (no welding necessary), more efficient, and faster to accomplish than a welded design.

Securifort-Gardex Products

Securifort Class 2 Burglary Safes
Gardex Fire and Burglary Safes
Gardex Grand Prix Safes
Gardex Media Safes
Securifort TL-15 Composite Safes
Securifort TL-30 Composite Safes
Securifort Floor Safes
Securifort Front Loading Depository Safes
Securifort Rotary Hopper Depository Safes
Securifort Perfecto Depository Safe
Securifort Under Counter Depository Safes
Gardex Classique Vertical File Cabinets
Gardex Classique 25 Vertical File Cabinets
Gardex Fireproof Lateral File Cabinets